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Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon is a beautifully animated 2014 production, directed by Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, famous producers and directors known for their notable contributions in animation, particularly in the realm of the Tom and Jerry franchise. Voiced by an accomplished ensemble including Kelly Stables, Vicki Lewis, Jim Cummings, and Laraine Newman, the film creatively reinvents the enduring rivalry between the iconic cat, and mouse duo, Tom and Jerry, in a fantastical setting.

The movie opens with the old feud in full force, as Tom the house cat continues his never-ending pursuit of Jerry the clever rodent in their established slapstick style, full of comedic physicality and exaggerated disaster. However, when they find themselves looking after a mysterious lost egg that they find in the wild, their traditional cat-and-mouse dynamics are flipped entirely on their heads. The story propels forward when the egg hatches into an adorable little dragon, adding an unexpected element of magic and fantasy to the familiar landscape of the Tom and Jerry universe.

Fans of the classic Tom and Jerry animation are bound to be delighted by the characters in this feature. Tom, although persistently determined to catch his foxy little enemy, displays a kinder side as he also becomes a protector of the lost dragon. Jerry, while still jovially mischievous, proves to be an adorably caring caretaker, sharing perhaps some of the most heartwarming interactions with the newly-hatched dragon.

Voiced by Kelly Stables, the dragon is undeniably one of the standout characters of the film. Full of innocent charm and cosmic potential, the dragon propels the narrative with its presence attracting the attention of a wicked witch and her accomplice cat, turning Tom and Jerry from competitors to collaborators in order to keep the dragon safe. Vicki Lewis and Jim Cummings lend their voices to the antagonistic witch and accomplice cat, respectively, with their performances adding depth and a touch of darkness to the overall light and comical tone of the film.

Apart from our beloved heroes and colorful villains, the movie also features a variety of supporting characters voiced by the likes of Laraine Newman, whose diverse voice talents breathe life into these intriguing side characters. These figures add richness to the narrative, playing their parts in the ensuing drama surrounding the lost dragon.

Another remarkable feature of the film is the stunning and colourful animation, particularly in its treatment of the dragon which is adorably cute at one moment and impressively majestic in the next. The wondrous landscapes draw viewers into the visually alluring world of Tom and Jerry, a soothing amalgamation of the familiar and fantastical. Various sequences and set pieces of the story are masterfully executed with an excellent mix of action, comedy, and dramatic tension inherent in the iconic duo's comic exchanges.

Though ensconced in the trappings of a magical fantasy, at its core, Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon is ultimately about friendship, responsibility, and teamwork. By taking on the role of protectors, Tom and Jerry go beyond their usual roles, showing that there is more to both characters than the cyclical chase we've come to know and love. The film delves deeper into their personalities, exploring their capacity for bravery, compassion, and sacrifice, thereby serving an engaging narrative for both younger and older audiences.

On the whole, Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon, is a movie that takes its beloved characters to uncharted territories, offering a fresh take on their age-old rivalry. With its beautiful animation, charming new characters, and exciting fantasy elements, it is sure to be a treat for fans of all ages who have enjoyed the duo's amusing antics over decades. This may be a departure from the traditional setting, but it captures the essence of what made Tom and Jerry a household name, while also not being afraid to add a dash of magic into the mix.

Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon is a Animation, Comedy, Kids & Family movie released in 2014. It has a runtime of 57 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9..

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