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The Sunset Murder Case is a 1938 crime drama film directed by Louis J. Gasnier and starring Sally Rand, Henry King, and Esther Muir. The movie is set in Los Angeles, where a rash of murders has occurred in the Sunset Studios. The lead detective, Lieutenant Wayne, played by Henry King, is tasked with solving the murders.

The film opens with a narration describing the Sunset Studios as the largest and best-equipped film laboratory in the world. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that this lavish description is more fitting for the studio's facilities than for the quality of the films being produced there. The studio is in distress, and everyone is under pressure to produce a blockbuster to save the studio from bankruptcy.

After being presented with the latest film of the studio, Lieutenant Wayne finds himself falling asleep in the screening room. When he wakes up, he finds a dead body next to him, and he realises that he has stumbled upon a crime scene. The victim turns out to be one of the studio's executives, and when Wayne discovers that it is the third similar murder within a week, he is convinced that the studio is cursed.

The suspects in the murders are plentiful, including the studio's tyrannical producer, its lead actress, her lover and the director's assistant. Before long, another murder happens, and Wayne is more determined than ever to solve the case.

The investigation brings Wayne to the studio's laboratories, where he discovers some suspects engaged in the production of bootleg photographs of movie stars. It turns out that these photographs were of great value to the suspects, and the motive for the murders is gradually revealed. Wayne must solve the mystery before the murderer strikes again.

Sally Rand stars in the film as an undercover detective, posing as a burlesque dancer. The stunning Rand attracts the attention of many of the suspects, including the lead detective himself, adding an element of romance to the film.

The Sunset Murder Case is a classic whodunit with a somewhat predictably conclusion. The film moves at a steady pace, occasionally interrupted by musical and dance numbers that feel slightly out of place. The film's themes centre around the power of the movie industry and the sacrifices its performers make to succeed.

Overall, The Sunset Murder Case is a fun and intriguing movie, capturing the glamour of Hollywood in the 1930s while providing a compelling mystery. Although it is not the most groundbreaking crime film, it is easy to watch, features charming performances and creates a fascinating glimpse into the golden age of cinema.

The Sunset Murder Case is a Crime, Drama, Mystery movie released in 2010. It has a runtime of 57. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.7..

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