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The Short Game is a 2013 American documentary sports film that showcases the world of junior golf, directed by Josh Greenbaum and produced by Greenbaum, Rafael Marmor, Christopher Leggett, and Jessica Hundley. The film features child golf prodigies, including Amari Avery, Jed Dy, and Allan Kournikova and explores their journey, striving for stardom in a globally acknowledged tournament. The film offers an insightful exploration into the lives, training, struggles, and passion of those little golf prodigies.

The story follows the journey of eight young golfers, all under the age of seven, as they prepare for and compete in the World Championships of Junior Golf. Among the youthful players featured in the film are Amari Avery, an American prodigy also known as "Tigress" due to her similarity in playing style with Tiger Woods, Allan Kournikova, the half-brother of renowned tennis player Anna Kournikova and Jed Dy, a visually impaired player from the Philippines who has risen above his challenges to compete at the highest level.

The Short Game paints a vivid picture of the pressures these young athletes face and their individual journeys towards making a mark in the grown-up sport of golf. They're not just playing for fun or sportsmanship, they're being molded for competition at a world-class level.

The film delves deep into these miniature golfers. Greenbaum does an excellent job of extrapolating the unique stories, fears, and personalities of these young prodigies. Each golfer has a unique story, and the director allows audiences to see different cultures, backgrounds, and philosophies about raising a child in such a competitive environment. These inherent differentials give more depth to the already exciting narrative.

The Short Game is a great insight into the ball game's competitive side from a different perspective, focusing on how the kids handle the pressure and consistently practice to perfect their skills. In the process, the audience becomes emotionally connected to these kids, sharing their triumphs, defeats, and pure love for the sport.

Greenbaum isn't just focused on the competition; a large portion of the film is also dedicated to exploring the relationships these kids have outside of golf, from sibling rivalry to friendships formed on the course. We also witness the role of the parents, often their coaches, shaping their child's talent, crossing the line between pushing their kids to excel and letting them enjoy the sport.

The cinematography of The Short Game is worth mentioning. The compelling visuals of the golf courses, the action-packed shots of the young golfers, and the introspective close-ups that highlight the immense emotional and physical effort that these pint-sized competitors bring to the table are adeptly captured and terrifically presented. Moreover, the film’s editing, particularly the transition between different players' narratives and their golf matches, is seamlessly managed and contributes to the engaging pacing of the film.

The Short Game stands out as a splendid sports documentary, a revelation of the combination of youth's innocence with the maturity needed to perform in such serious golf tournaments. Greenbaum offers an exclusive look behind the scenes of junior golf championships while providing an unbiased perspective, showing the good, bad, and ugly, educating the audience about competitive junior golf's realities.

What can be taken away from this film is the sheer limitless potential of youth and the significant role of supportive structures in shaping those potentials. Although these star golfers in the making are considered prodigies, above all else, they are just kids. The film promotes the idea that they should be allowed to live their childhood in all its essence, even within fierce competition. They inspire moments of awe, swings of emotion, and lots of cheering from an audience drawn into their unique world.

In the end, The Short Game isn’t just about golf. It is about aspiration, resilience, determination, and the relentless pursuit of love for a sport. It's about kids coming of age in an adult world, navigating through the pressures of the game and life itself.

The Short Game is a Documentary movie released in 2013. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 51.

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