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The Profession of Arms is a profound and reflective historical drama directed by the acclaimed director Ermanno Olmi. Recorded in 2001, this film features a captivating cast that includes Christo Jivkov, Sergio Grammatico, and Dimitar Rachkov. The film is an exploration into the sword, the symbol of power, and the impacts it has on those who are in its possession. The central theme of the movie goes beyond the literal profession of arms or career soldiers.

In this engaging detail-packed movie, Christo Jivkov plays the leading role of Giovanni de' Medici. He is also known as Giovanni delle Bande Nere, a condottiere or a military leader during the late Renaissance. As an influential figure and one of the last great warlords of Italy, his character not only displays bravery and bravado but also displays a sense of complexity and depth. Jivkov's portrayal captures the humanism and fallibility of the leader which naturally draws the audience in.

Sergio Grammatico and Dimitar Rachkov graced the screen as part of the supporting cast, whose performances added to the movie's authenticity. They brought to life the typical Renaissance soldiers, depicting their loyalties and their struggles. They embodied the era's soldiers, enhancing the movie's authenticity and highlighting their personal conflicts, loyalty, and dedication to their profession in an era characterized by war and political intrigue.

The Profession of Arms offers a vivid glimpse into the life, the code of honor, and the conflicts of the 16th-century mercenaries. Set in the tumultuous period of the years 1521-1526, the film traces the journey of Giovanni de' Medici and his professional soldiers. It primarily focuses on the four-year war in northern Italy between France and Spain. However, Olmi doesn't restrict the plot merely to the battlefield; instead, he intricately weaves in the societal and moral narratives of the era.

The director, Ermanno Olmi, employs a detailed approach in presenting the canvas of the 16th-century period. His use of soft colors, the play with light and shadows, and the intense utilization of naturalism lends the movie a charm and a sense of authenticity. Rarely do we see such historical accuracy and aesthetic sensibility coalesce so seamlessly.

The director's choice of focusing the narrative on the soldiers instead of merely concentrating on big battles or political conspiracies is a refreshing perspective. He plausibly conveys the paradoxes and intricacies that lay within the 'profession of arms'. His intricate attention to details, whether it be armor, costumes, or war tactics, reflects his commitment to portraying the historical period with utmost honesty.

The Profession of Arms also presents a deeply existential perspective towards the nature of war and its participants. The devastation, the dichotomy of honor and death, the subtle politics that transpire - all are rivalled only by the film's diligent take on the constant flux of human morality.

The use of language is another element worthy of note. Dialogues are spoken in archaic Italian, Spanish, German, Latin, and Greek languages with English subtitles which provide an immersion into the period's diversity. It adds to the viewer’s sense of being situated within the historical context the film represents.

The direction and cinematography, coupled with a strong narrative and outstanding performances by the actors, makes The Profession of Arms more than just a war film. It is a philosophical introspective piece bringing to light the complexity of human nature, the intricacy of societal norms, and the very definition of honor.

In summary, The Profession of Arms isn't your standard war movie. Its authentic portrayal of the period, attention to historical accuracy, and profound character development transcends it from being just about wars and power plays of the Renaissance era. It is a remarkable exploration into the human condition that emerges from living during a time of war and the consequent impacts on the morality and principles of an individual. The movie serves as a timeless, reflective discourse on the object of power - the sword, and those who take it up, inviting viewers to engage in its deep introspection.

The Profession of Arms is a Drama, History, War movie released in 2001. It has a runtime of 105 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.9..

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