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The New Daughter is a supernatural thriller movie released in 2009, directed by Luis Berdejo, and based on a short story by John Connolly. The film follows the story of a single father, John James, played by Kevin Costner, who moves with his two children, Louisa and Sam, to a remote house in South Carolina after his divorce. While exploring the woods near their house, Louisa comes across a mysterious mound of dirt and starts to behave strangely. John soon investigates the mound of dirt and discovers that it’s a Native American burial ground. As a result, his daughter's behavior becomes increasingly erratic, forcing John to dig deeper into the secrets of the land.

The film opens with John James, a writer, moving to a new home with his kids, Louisa, and Sam. The impact of the divorce and the kids' change of school affects them in different ways. Louisa is unhappy and distant, while Sam is excited about exploring the house's surroundings. However, Louisa's behavior takes an unsettling turn when she discovers the strange mound of dirt in the woods. She begins to display signs of a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality, which alarms her father, who seeks help from the local university professor, who provides him with legends and warnings about the burial mounds. Soon after, the family dog takes an aggressive turn, and John becomes convinced that the land is cursed.

John's behavior becomes more erratic as he tries to protect his family from whatever is causing Louisa's strange behavior. He digs deeper into the burial ground and uncovers a strange connection between Louisa and the burial mound. Meanwhile, Sam forms a bond with a girl named Emily, who lives near the house. He becomes her protector and helps her with her own family problems, creating a secondary story arc that helps to break up the movie's tension.

As John becomes more obsessed with the burial ground, he discovers that the land has a dark and twisted history. The previous owners of the land have all met with odd and tragic ends, and their graves are all located in the burial ground. He also learns that the burial ground is home to supernatural creatures that can influence and control the people living on the land.

The story's tension builds as Louisa's behavior becomes increasingly erratic, leading to several intense scenes that keep the audience guessing about the cause of her strange behavior. Kevin Costner's portrayal of John James is intense and passionate, and he does an excellent job of conveying his character's sense of helplessness and desperation as he fights to save his daughter.

The New Daughter is a classic example of a supernatural thriller, and it delivers on its premise with a few great twists that will keep viewers on the edge of their seat. The movie's pacing is well-balanced, and the combination of supernatural horror and family drama makes for an engaging and emotional viewing experience. The cinematography is also noteworthy, using the South Carolina landscape to create a moody and foreboding atmosphere throughout the movie.

In conclusion, The New Daughter is a solid supernatural thriller with a great cast, strong performances, and a well-written script. It is a perfect film for viewers who enjoy slow-burning horror stories that build to a tense and satisfying climax. Despite some flaws, The New Daughter delivers what it promises, and it’s a solid addition to the horror genre.

The New Daughter is a Horror, Thriller movie released in 2009. It has a runtime of 108 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.3..

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