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In the film called "The Nameless, a badly beat corpse of a six year girl is discovered in a Spanish water hole. It's Claudia's missing child, and her father was able to identify her body. Since her body is so badly beaten there was only two ways for her to be identified. The investigators found a bracelet with her name on it and her left leg is three inches shorter than her right leg. The killer took the time to remove all other forms of identifying her. It appears the killer injected the child with something and burn her while she was still living.

Claudia becomes addicted to tranquilizers, and she gets a disturbing phone call five years later. There is a woman claiming to be Claudia's daughter in the call. In addition, the woman pleads for help because she wants her mother to come get before she's murdered. The mysterious woman keeps calling Claudia, and so her mother begins to think there could be hope that she's alive but in danger. Claudia goes in search of the former detective, and ends up going to a clinic that is no longer operational.

Three people begin to look for Angela, and they are: an ex-cop, Claudia, and a reporter.

They end up discovering there is a diabolic sect called "Los Sin Nombre," and they are pure evil. This cult likes to sacrifice children, and their lead is very evil. He has a friend who is a doctor, and the doctor got arrested. He later gets released due to a lack of evidence. Claudia wants answers and so she gets a recently retired police officer to investigate the situation.

Claudia gives the police officer a boot that she believes was left behind for her to find. A few days later, Claudia gets a video in the mail of a woman being tortured, and video of her going into the clinic. Things only get worse for Claudia when one of her ex-boyfriends decide to stalk her and harass her, and so she must get rid of him too. You will have to watch the movie to find out if Angelina is living or dead. It's a nail bitter! This film was directed and written by Jaume Balagueró. Another writer for the script of the story is Ramsey Campbell. The three main stars of the film are: Emma Vilarasau, Karra Elejalde and Tristán Ulloa.

The Nameless is a Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller movie released in 2005. It has a runtime of 102 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 46.

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