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The Missing is a thrilling drama of 2003, directed by Ron Howard, set amidst the rugged landscapes of the American Southwest. This American Western thriller features a stellar cast led by Tommy Lee Jones, Cate Blanchett and Evan Rachel Wood, which together create an engaging cinematic experience.

Tommy Lee Jones, known for his gruff, authoritative roles, takes on the character of Samuel Jones, a man who has been living amongst Native Americans for several years, adopting their culture and way of life. This choice, as a radically different way of living compared to his family, has kept him estranged from them. Jones, with his raw and potent intensity, carves out a character steeped in complexity, laced with regret, yearning, and toughness.

Cate Blanchett plays a strong, independent woman named Maggie Gilkeson - Samuel Jones' daughter. Left to fend for herself and her two daughters after being abandoned by her father, she has grown wary and independent. Her resilience shines through the harsh landscape and even harsher realities of life in the late 19th-century New Mexico. Blanchett’s powerful performance reflects a woman who's battled adversity, is stubbornly self-reliant yet very protective of her family.

Evan Rachel Wood takes the role of Lilly, Maggie's oldest daughter, who becomes the central figure of the movie’s riveting plot. Lilly's character serves as the catalyst for the gripping journey that unfolds. The young actress delivers a compelling performance of a teenage girl caught between familial love and danger.

In The Missing, the estranged father (Samuel Jones) re-emerges into his daughter's life, creating immediate tension and unrest. However, their fractured past and the animosity it bred is brutally interrupted when an unforeseen disaster strikes. This event thrusts them together on a desperate mission across the beautiful but dangerous landscapes of the Southwest.

The two central characters, Samuel and Maggie, both hard and worn by their individual life experiences, are forced to navigate their strained relationship while dealing with the immediate external threat. Their journey is not just physical but emotional, as they confront their past, mend their relationship, and fight for their family. Maggie, who blames him for abandoning her as a tiny child, must now rely on her father’s survival skills and knowledge of indigenous ways.

Director Ron Howard masterfully weaves together drama, suspense and emotional confrontations, making The Missing an engaging watch throughout. His characteristic storytelling is augmented by the film's breathtaking visuals - the expanse of the New Mexico landscape with its mountains, deserts, and rivers. The cinematography provides an authentic feel of the untamed West, offering a stark, beautiful backdrop to the unfolding drama and human emotions.

The Missing is layered with themes of family, abandonment, resilience, and redemption. It takes the viewers on a suspenseful ride while exploring the complex relationship between a father and daughter. It delves into human emotions and the concept of family while set against the challenging backdrop of the 19th-century American Southwest. The narrative is extensively character-driven as much as it is plot-driven, engaging audiences with an engrossing tale of love, survival, and reconciliation.

In addition, the score by James Horner enhances the story's overall effect, accentuating the tension-filled sequences and the softer emotional scene as it moves along with the plot.

The movie employs elements of the western genre paired with suspenseful elements, delivering a novel cinematic experience. It redefines the traditional Western movie by instilling a perfect blend of action, adventure, and a highly emotional family saga.

To sum up, The Missing is a suspenseful western thriller set against the scenic Southwest background that packs a punch with its intense narrative, a poignant tale of familial bonds and redemption, combined with top-notch performances by the star cast. It's a complex story that intertwines human emotion and suspenseful adventure, delivered in a visually stunning style and held together by strong performances, directed deftly by Ron Howard. It is a cinematic journey where the heart of the story lies in the unraveling of human emotions amidst a grave crisis.

The Missing is a Thriller, Western, Adventure movie released in 2003. It has a runtime of 137 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.5. It also holds a MetaScore of 55.

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