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The Man in the Orange Jacket is an intriguing and haunting psychological horror film directed by Aik Karapetian that was released in 2014. This Latvian horror film features Maxim Lazarev in the title role, whilst Anta Aizupe and Aris Rozentals deliver compelling performances as integral characters. A sinister exploration of the human mind incarnation and a chillingly realistic portrayal of life and morality, The Man in the Orange Jacket is a brilliant example of Eastern European cinema that challenges our perceptions about horror and thriller genres.

Set amidst the economically distraught backdrop of modern day Latvia, The Man in the Orange Jacket narrates the chilling tale of a young dock worker, played by Maxim Lazarev. We first meet him during a labor dispute at the shipyard where he works. Loss of employment sets the stage for the macabre events that follow, underlining the larger theme around the consequences of society's treatment of its lower economic class and the resistance against wealthy oppressors.

The protagonist's character accelerates down an unexpected path after the setback of job loss. Consumed by his personal struggle against a society that undervalues him, he goes on a vigilant quest against his former boss, who embodies the wealthy, privileged class that he loathes and envies. His methods are extreme and can make the viewers shifting uncomfortably in their seats, but rather than driving them away, it pulls them deeper into the narrative.

A key element to the movie's narrative is the isolated mansion owned by the unnamed dock worker's boss. This chilling, eerie, eerily beautiful house bathed in shadow and filled with expensive furniture, busts, paintings and abstract sculptures becomes the primary setting. It is in this luxurious mansion that some of the most thrilling and chilling sequences occur, kicking off a surreal and hair-raising game of cat-and-mouse. The haunted air of the mansion, infused with unseen horrors hiding in its shadowy corners, adds an additional layer of tension and suspense throughout the storyline.

Anta Aizupe delivers an impressive performance as a young woman who becomes an unwitting player in this terrifying saga. Aizupe's character starts as a seemingly ordinary woman who is pulled into a den of horrors, only to reveal layers of complexity as the story progresses. Her growth and character development add emotional depth to the movie, resonating with audiences as she navigates through the maelstrom of fear and madness.

Aris Rozentals is equally compelling, delivering a performance that uses minimal dialogue to maximum effect. His portrayal of the antagonist ties the narrative together, providing a tangible focus for the protagonist's rage against perceived injustice. The dynamic between Maxim Lazarev and Aris Rozentals forms a gripping, deeply evocative exploration of class conflict.

The Man in the Orange Jacket thrills without relying heavily on dialogues. It is a visual horror opus told predominantly through imagery and symbolism. It uses the power of the camera to elicit both fear and empathy, pulling the audience deep into its horrifying universe with every frame. Filled with abstract imagery and metaphoric sequences, the cinematography captures a chilling, almost otherworldly, aura that unsettles viewers while holding their rapt attention.

Director Aik Karapetian uses the elements of classic horror filmmaking to weave a narrative that's both mysterious and bone-chilling. The terror in The Man in the Orange Jacket is derived not just from its grisly occurrences but also from its exploration of the human mind, of class conflict, and the haunting consequences they can unleash. From the sound design to the visual aesthetics, everything about this film is designed to keep the audience at the edge of their seat.

The Man in the Orange Jacket is an atmospheric, deeply unsettling psychological horror film that tests the boundaries of storytelling in the genre. It leaves viewers questioning the line between right and wrong, rich and poor, sanity and madness. A dark, menacing film that is both provocative and thought-provoking, The Man in the Orange Jacket is a masterpiece that is sure to linger in your mind long after the credits roll.

The Man in the Orange Jacket is a Foreign, Horror, Mystery, Thriller movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 71 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.0..

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