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The Little Giant is a 1933 comedy-drama film starring Edward G. Robinson as Bugs Ahearn, a former Chicago gangster who moves to California to start a new life after serving three years in prison. Bugs is tired of the gangster lifestyle and wants to go straight, but things don't go as planned when he arrives in Los Angeles.

Bugs moves into a fancy hotel and immediately starts rubbing shoulders with the upper crust of society. He meets Ruth Wayburn (Mary Astor), a beautiful and wealthy widow, and her friend Gladys Cullen (Helen Vinson), a socialite who takes an interest in Bugs. Despite his past, Bugs is a charming and likable guy, and he quickly becomes the darling of high society.

Things take a turn for the worse when Bugs runs into some old acquaintances from the Chicago underworld. They are in California to start a new racket and they want Bugs to be part of it. Bugs tries to resist, but he is eventually drawn into their scheme.

As Bugs dives deeper into the underworld, he starts to realize that he's in over his head. He doesn't want to return to a life of crime, but he knows too much to walk away. Bugs' loyalty is tested when the mobsters plan to kidnap Ruth and hold her for ransom. Bugs must decide if he will go through with the plan or risk his life to protect the woman he loves.

The Little Giant is a clever mix of comedy and drama, with Edward G. Robinson delivering a standout performance as Bugs Ahearn. Robinson is known for his tough-guy roles, but he shows off his comedic chops in this film, delivering some hilarious one-liners and physical comedy.

Mary Astor is also excellent as Ruth Wayburn, the beautiful widow who falls for Bugs. Astor is a veteran actress who brings depth and complexity to her character, making Ruth more than just a love interest for Bugs.

Helen Vinson plays Gladys Cullen, a socialite who takes an interest in Bugs. Vinson is known for her work in pre-Code Hollywood and she brings a sultry charm to her role. Gladys is a bit of a femme fatale, and Vinson plays the part with just the right amount of intrigue.

Director Roy Del Ruth keeps the pace brisk and the tone light, making The Little Giant an entertaining and enjoyable film. The movie has some great set pieces, including a hilarious scene where Bugs tries to smuggle a gun into a fancy restaurant.

The Little Giant was a hit when it was released in 1933 and it has since become a classic of the gangster comedy genre. The film is a testament to the talent of its stars and director, and it's a must-see for fans of classic Hollywood cinema.

The Little Giant is a Comedy, Crime, Romance movie released in 1933. It has a runtime of 76 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.0..

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