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The Green Berets from 1968 is an action-packed war movie that stars John Wayne, David Janssen, Jim Hutton, and Aldo Ray. The movie revolves around the mission of Colonel Mike Kirby (John Wayne) and his team of Special Forces soldiers in Vietnam. Kirby's team encounters challenges and opposition from both the North Vietnamese Army and anti-war protesters. The movie portrays the conflict between the American and North Vietnamese armies in a generalized and simplified manner. The film emphasizes the brutality of the North Vietnamese Army and the deceptive tactics used by the Viet Cong. The main characters, who are members of the Special Forces, are depicted as strong, patriotic men who are committed to their mission and country. The movie takes a pro-war stance and emphasizes the importance of defeating the enemy. Despite the film's glorification of war, it depicts the physical and emotional toll that it takes on soldiers. The movie portrays the chaos and uncertainty of combat, the loss of life, and the difficulty of making decisions in life-threatening situations. Moreover, it touches upon the issue of racism in the army. The film shows that black soldiers were often assigned to non-combat roles and faced discrimination. The Green Berets creates a sense of tension and urgency throughout the movie. The audience is taken on a thrilling journey through intense combat scenes, tense negotiations with the enemy, and daring rescues. The movie's action sequences are well-choreographed and provide an excellent showcase of John Wayne's star power. Moreover, the film's patriotic score, composed by Miklos Rozsa, adds to the emotional impact of the movie. The score highlights the bravery, heroism, and sacrifice of the soldiers. The Green Berets also utilizes a documentary-style approach, featuring real footage of the war, to create a sense of authenticity. The movie includes footage of soldiers executing their mission, firing their weapons, and interacting with the local population. The footage, combined with the film's fictional narrative, achieves a sense of realism and immediacy. Overall, The Green Berets is a thrilling war movie that provides a fascinating glimpse into the conflict in Vietnam. It presents a patriotic and pro-war perspective while acknowledging the challenges and costs of war. The film offers exceptional performances from John Wayne, David Janssen, and Jim Hutton, as well as breathtaking action sequences and a rousing score. The movie remains a classic war film and an excellent depiction of one of the most contentious periods in American history. The Green Berets is an action-packed and emotional depiction of the Vietnam War with stunning action sequences, a rousing score, and excellent performances from John Wayne, David Janssen, and Jim Hutton.

The Green Berets is a War, Drama movie released in 1968. It has a runtime of 141 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.6..

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John Wayne, Ray Kellogg, John Gaddis (uncredited)
John Wayne, David Janssen, Jim Hutton, Aldo Ray, George Takei, Luke Askew, Mike Henry
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