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The Dead 2: India is a 2013 horror movie directed by Howard J. Ford and Jonathan Ford. This movie is the sequel to the Ford brothers' 2010 zombie movie The Dead. The Dead 2: India stars Joseph Millson, Meenu Mishra, and Anand Krishna Goyal. It is set in India and follows Nicholas Burton (Joseph Millson), an American engineer, as he tries to reunite with his pregnant girlfriend, Ishani Sharma (Meenu Mishra), amidst a zombie outbreak.

The movie opens with the outbreak of a zombie virus in a village in Rajasthan, India. The virus quickly spreads and turns people into the undead. Nicholas, who is working on a windfarm project in the area, receives a call from Ishani, who is in the city of Jaipur. She tells him that she is trapped in her apartment and needs his help. Nicholas sets out on a perilous journey across the zombie-infested countryside to reach Ishani and save her.

As Nicholas makes his way towards Jaipur, he encounters a variety of characters, both living and undead. He teams up with a father and daughter who are trying to make their way to a safe haven, and also encounters a group of British soldiers who are on a mission to evacuate survivors. Along the way, Nicholas battles hordes of zombies and sees the devastating effects of the outbreak on Indian society.

The Dead 2: India is a tense and atmospheric horror movie that is both scary and thought-provoking. The Ford brothers do an excellent job of creating a sense of realism and authenticity, with the movie shot entirely on location in India. The Indian setting adds an interesting twist to the zombie genre, with the crowded city streets and dense forests providing a unique backdrop for the action.

Joseph Millson delivers a solid performance as the determined and resourceful Nicholas, who will stop at nothing to rescue Ishani. Meenu Mishra also shines as the pregnant Ishani, who is both vulnerable and strong in the face of danger. Anand Krishna Goyal is another standout as Javed, the young girl who joins forces with Nicholas and provides some much-needed comic relief.

The Dead 2: India is not without its flaws, however. The pacing is sometimes sluggish, and there are a few too many scenes of characters wandering through the wilderness. Additionally, the movie's climax feels somewhat anticlimactic, with a resolution that is both predictable and unsatisfying.

Despite these issues, The Dead 2: India is a worthy sequel to The Dead and a must-watch for fans of the zombie genre. The movie manages to strike a balance between horror and humanity, with some genuinely touching moments amidst the blood and gore. The Ford brothers have crafted a movie that is both scary and socially relevant, exploring themes such as cultural clash, survival of the fittest, and human resilience in the face of adversity.

In conclusion, The Dead 2: India is a well-made zombie movie that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. It may not be perfect, but it is definitely worth a watch for those who love horror movies with a twist. Joseph Millson, Meenu Mishra, and Anand Krishna Goyal all deliver strong performances, and the Indian setting adds a unique flair to the genre. If you're in the mood for a thrilling adventure through a zombie-infested India, The Dead 2: India is the movie for you.

The Dead 2: India is a Horror movie released in 2013. It has a runtime of 98 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.1..

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Howard J. Ford, Jonathan Ford
Joseph Millson, Meenu Mishra, An, Krishna Goyal
Also directed by Howard J. Ford, Jonathan Ford
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