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The Boys of St. Vincent is a Canadian drama film that was released in 1992. Based on true events, the film tells the story of sexual abuse that occurred in a Catholic orphanage in Newfoundland.

The story revolves around the character of Brother Peter Lavin (played by Henry Czerny), who is a respected member of the Brothers of Christian Instruction. He is assigned to take care of the boys in a Catholic orphanage, St. Vincent School for Boys, located in St. John's, Newfoundland.

As the boys arrive at the orphanage, they are subjected to physical and emotional abuse by the Brothers, but most of all, sexual abuse by Brother Lavin. The movie primarily focuses on the character of Kevin Reevey (played by Johnny Morina), who is one of the abused boys.

Apart from Brother Lavin, the other Brothers who are assigned to work at the orphanage are fully aware of the abuse that is taking place. However, they turn a blind eye to it, and some of them even participate in the abuse. As the abuse continues unabated, Kevin becomes increasingly distressed and traumatized.

By using flashbacks, the film follows the story of Kevin as he recounts the events that took place many years before. The film explores themes of power dynamics, abuse of authority, and institutional corruption.

Most of the scenes in the film take place inside the orphanage, and the cinematography and direction create a claustrophobic and unsettling atmosphere throughout. The movie is anchored by excellent performances, particularly from Czerny and Morina, both of whom deliver nuanced and powerful performances in their respective roles.

The Boys of St. Vincent also highlights the failure of the Canadian justice system and how it gave the Catholic Church cover to abuse children for decades. The movie shows the victims testify in court, but the justice system ultimately fails them, and the abusers were never brought to justice.

In conclusion, The Boys of St. Vincent is a harrowing portrayal of the horrific abuse that took place in Catholic institutions. It is a thought-provoking and haunting film that shines a light on the power dynamics that exist within religious institutions, and the ways in which they can be used to perpetuate abuse. It is an important film that sheds light on a lesser-known part of Canadian history and the struggle of the survivors to seek justice.

The Boys of St. Vincent is a Drama, Crime movie released in 1991. It has a runtime of 90 min. (Germ.) / 186 min. (USA). Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.5..

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