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The Book of Manning is a documentary film that explores the life and legacy of Archie Manning, a former NFL quarterback and father of two successful NFL quarterbacks, Peyton and Eli Manning. The film, produced by ESPN Films, tells the story of how the Manning family overcame tragedy and adversity to become one of the most successful families in football history.

The film takes its name from an actual book that Archie wrote in the 1990s, chronicling his life and career as a football player. The Book of Manning draws heavily on this book, as well as other archival footage, interviews with family members, and rare home movies shot by Archie and his wife, Olivia.

The film begins with a look at Archie's childhood in Drew, Mississippi, where he grew up as one of three brothers in a football-crazed family. Despite his talent as a quarterback, Archie struggled to gain the attention of college recruiters, and eventually decided to attend the University of Mississippi, where he would become a three-time All-American.

Throughout the film, we see how Archie's success on the football field was always tempered by personal tragedy. Shortly after he was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in 1971, Archie's father committed suicide, leaving him to shoulder the burden of supporting his family. The film also explores the death of Archie's college sweetheart and wife, Olivia's, father and how it affected their relationship.

Despite these challenges, Archie persevered and became one of the NFL's most exciting quarterbacks in the 1970s, leading the Saints to several near-upsets of the league's top teams. We also see how he became a beloved figure in New Orleans, not just for his football talent, but also for his leadership and community service off the field.

The film then shifts focus to Archie's sons, starting with Cooper Manning, the oldest of the three. Cooper was also a talented football player, but his career was cut short by a rare spinal condition that left him unable to play. The film portrays Cooper as a key figure in the Manning family's success, serving as a mentor and motivator to his younger brothers even as he struggled with his own health issues.

The film then moves to Peyton Manning's rise to football stardom at the University of Tennessee, where he set numerous school and SEC records. We see how Archie and Olivia were constant sources of support for their son, helping him navigate the pressures of being a high-profile athlete while also encouraging him to be a well-rounded student and leader.

Finally, we see Eli Manning's journey to NFL success, including his decision to spurn the San Diego Chargers and demand to be traded to the Giants in the 2004 NFL Draft. The film explores Eli's struggles early in his career, including a widely-criticized rookie season and his tendency to throw interceptions in key moments.

Throughout the film, we see how the Manning family's love of football has shaped their lives, but also how their experiences on and off the field have prepared them to be leaders and role models in their communities. The film concludes with Archie reflecting on the legacy of his family, and how their story offers a testament to the power of perseverance, resilience, and family bonds.

Overall, The Book of Manning is a powerful and emotional tribute to one of football's most storied families. Through a mix of archival footage, interviews, and personal anecdotes, the film shows how the Manning family has overcome adversity to become one of the most respected and beloved families in sports history. Anyone who loves football, or who appreciates stories of triumph over adversity, will find much to enjoy in this moving documentary.

The Book of Manning is a Documentary, Sports & Fitness movie released in 2013. It has a runtime of 76 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it no reviews, with an IMDb score of 0.0..

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