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"Sobrenatural" is an intriguing, mysterious, and thrilling journey that premiered in 1996. At the heart of this Spanish language Mexican film is a captivating supernatural narrative that seamlessly intertwines elements of suspense, romance, drama, and horror. The movie was directed by Daniel Gruener, whose artistic sensibility introduces us to a world where the boundaries of reality and supernatural intertwine effortlessly. Gifted performances from Susana Zabaleta, Alejandro Tommasi, and Ricardo Blume provide the narrative with a necessary heart and soul, striking the right balance between the real and the otherworldly.

"Sobrenatural" is centered around the character of Nastasya (Susana Zabaleta), an alluring woman who is deeply enmeshed in the realm of the paranormal. Zabaleta's performance brings out the complexities and nuances of a character who oscillates between the starkly real world and the mystical supernatural landscape. Nastasya's experience of the supernatural is not the typical cinematic representation of specters, eerie apparitions, or horror that once might expect. Instead, it's a subtle and sophisticated portrayal of a supernatural reality capable of inducing unease, fascination, and surrender.

Her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Oriel (Alejandro Tommasi) in one of the most bizarre encounters. Tommasi delivers an exceptional performance, capturing the multifaceted emotions of a common man thrust into a world he doesn't quite understand or believe. Oriel is drawn towards the enigmatic Nastasya, intrigued by her strange aura, and the two develop a connection that's unique. The difference in their perspectives forms the basis for tension and intrigue throughout the narrative.

Ricardo Blume completes the principal cast playing a significant role that plugs into the narrative's suspenseful elements. His portrayal adds a unique texture to the film’s intricate and evolving plot that combines elements of romance, horror, and suspense in a genuinely innovative fashion.

Daniel Gruener's craftsmanship as a director becomes evident as "Sobrenatural" unfolds. The film expertly achieves an unusual blend of elements: the supernatural, the romantic, the horrific, and suspenseful interplay within the complexities of the human psyche and its confrontation with the unknowable.

"Sobrenatural" is set in the heart of Mexico, whose essence and culture is beautifully captured on celluloid. The cinematography, so integral to the mood and feel of the film, subtly paints a picture of a world that is at once both mundane and yet enticingly mystical. The metropolitan cityscape and the traditional Mexican spaces coexist, mirroring the film's broader theme of the union of the physical and the otherworldly.

The narrative structure of the movie is worth noting. It allows the viewer to easily follow the respective paths of Nastasya and Oriel as they intersect, diverge and then connect in the most unexpected ways. This isn't a linear narrative, but one that folds back upon itself, creating an intricate mesh of reality and supernatural.

"Sobrenatural" also excels in lifting the supernatural out of its traditional horror framework. Instead, it situates it within the realm of human reality, as something that exists alongside, influencing and meddling with everyday life. The 'horror' aspect doesn't simply rely on jump scares or horrific images but dwells on subtlety and psychological effect.

In the end, what truly sets "Sobrenatural" apart is its ability to combine elements of the supernatural genre with a dramatic narrative arc, infused with suspenseful twists and romantic undertones. With meticulous direction, compelling performances and a captivating plot, the movie serves as a disturbingly intriguing exploration of the supernatural world within the landscape of everyday human life. It raises questions about existence, reality, and the myriad ways in which the known and unknown realms interact.

Overall, "Sobrenatural" offers a viewing experience that leaves a lasting impression, taking the audience on a ride through an incredible world that floats between reality and the supernatural. It's a must-watch for those who appreciate movies that push the boundaries of traditional storytelling to explore the profound mysteries of human existence.

Sobrenatural is a Fantasy, Horror, Thriller movie released in 1996. It has a runtime of 99 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.3..

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