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Slender Man is a 2018 horror movie directed by Sylvain White, starring Joey King, Julia Goldani Telles, and Jaz Sinclair. The film is based on the character of Slender Man, a supernatural creature that originated in internet memes and has become a popular figure in horror culture.

The movie follows a group of high school friends who summon Slender Man as a prank, only to find themselves haunted by the creature's terrifying presence. As the girls begin to experience unexplainable phenomena and nightmares, they realize that they may have unleashed something much more dangerous than they ever could have anticipated.

One of the main characters, Katie (King), becomes the main target of Slender Man after attempting to investigate the creature's existence online. She believes that she can defeat Slender Man by studying its origins and discovering its weakness. However, as she delves deeper into Slender Man's history, she finds herself becoming increasingly obsessed with the creature and begins to lose touch with reality.

As the girls continue to be tormented by Slender Man, they struggle to find a way to stop it before it's too late. They soon learn that the only way to defeat Slender Man is to confront their own fears and overcome their personal demons.

Overall, Slender Man is a tense and creepy thriller that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The movie explores the dangers of the internet and the impact that viral trends can have on individuals and society as a whole. With its suspenseful storyline, chilling visuals, and solid performances from its talented cast, Slender Man is a must-see for horror fans.

Slender Man is a Horror, Mystery, Thriller movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 93 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 30.

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Joey King, Julia Goldani Telles, Jaz Sinclair, Annalise Basso, Javier Botet
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