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Silent Retreat, released in 2013, is a captivating horror movie that combines the elements of suspense, psychological terror, and spine-chilling fright. Tronson Entertainment produced this film while the director's helm was handled by well-renowned director Tricia Lee, who provided an eerie visual storytelling experience that would go beyond the standard horror trope. The screenplay is penned by Corey Brown, who has woven a complex and intriguing narrative that gives the audience a deep dive into the fear of silence and isolation.

The film stars Chelsea Jenish who plays the lead character, Janey Andrews, a young woman with a troubled past. Sofia Banzhaf, starring as Alexis, and Robert Nolan, playing Doctor Fanning, also give notable performances, making the characters come alive with their stellar performances.

Silent Retreat is set in a remote rehabilitation center that once served as a quiet, secluded lodge. Now, it serves as a makeshift retreat venue for problem children, primarily young women who have had run-ins with the law. The purpose of the center is to rehabilitate these young women through enforced silence. The retreat endorses strict rules of non-verbal communication, with a focus on teaching the virtues of obedience and silence and making these girls better contributing members of society. At its core, the film delves into the autocratic system and outdated ideologies' oppression in a patriarchal society, delivered under the mask of a seemingly harmless silent retreat.

Janey Andrews, the newest member of the retreat due to a court order, instantly finds herself out of place and resistant to the retreat's overarching rules. Despite being warned by the strict retreat leader, Doctor Fanning, and witnessing the uncanny behavior of her mates, rebellious Janey shows less interest in conforming to the rules and more interest in determining what's exactly happening in the retreat center.

Alexis, another prominent character, plays a significant role in unveiling the mystery behind the retreat. She provides insight and raises suspense into the strange and eerie happenings within the retreat. The actor's impressive performances make the plot that much more engaging, drawing you into the silent, unsettling world of the rehabilitation center.

As days go by, Janey starts to notice strange occurrences around her, suggesting that something significantly sinister is lurking beneath the center's calming outlook. The usual tranquility of the wooded backdrop is soon replaced by an uncanny silence and lurking fears that force Janey to investigate the retreat's untold secrets.

The film uses the physical isolation of the retreat to mirror the metaphorical isolation of the girls. The silence, both encouraged and enforced, grows more and more oppressive as the story unfolds, and the fear grows right alongside it. A creeping sense of unease is a constant backdrop in Silent Retreat, magnified by the effective cinematography and the eerie silence that pervades each scene.

Silent Retreat depicts psychological horror through its silence-filled ambiance and its storyline that keeps you on edge from start to finish. The film presents riveting suspense with the strange rules and obscure management of the retreat center, while the scenic beauty of the secluded lodge provides a stark contrast to the dreadful sense of something sinister just out of sight.

Silent Retreat is an innovative synthesis of eerie silence, isolated locations, and uncanny happenings, making it an exciting watch for ardent fans of the horror genre. The performances from the small, tight-knit cast make the characters believable, relatable, and strengthens the overall impact of the storyline. This is a film that will thrill and chill you while also leaving you thinking about its deeper themes long after the credits roll. The underlying narrative of oppressive silence in a control-centered culture beautifully meshes with the outright terror that pervades the film, making 'Silent Retreat' an excellent choice for those looking for something thought-provoking and genuinely scary.

Silent Retreat is a Horror, Mystery, Thriller movie released in 2013. It has a runtime of 84. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.2..

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