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Selling Innocence, released in 2005 and directed by Pierre Gang, is an eye-opening and compelling drama film that discusses the alarming side of the virtual world and its exploitative elements. The film stars Mimi Rogers, JR Bourne, and Sarah Lind, putting on outstanding performances that help to paint a striking picture of the dark side of modern technology and the media industry.

Sarah Lind takes on the lead role of the film as Angel Berry, an innocent and charming teenage girl from a small town. She has dreams of making her mark in the big, glamorous world and leading a luxurious lifestyle. Her aspirations are nurtured by her mother, played brilliantly by Mimi Rogers, who holds similar dreams for her daughter. However, coming from a modest background, they are not able to afford the pricey metropolitan lifestyle.

This is when Angel's life takes a dramatic turn as she crosses paths with Mike Taylor, played by JR Bourne. He's a savvy and charismatic entrepreneur who runs a successful but suspicious online talent agency. Mike is a single-minded businessman who's ready to grab any opportunity that could bring financial profits, with little concern for the potential harm or exploitation that may occur.

Angel and her mother are lured in by promises of fame and fortune, coupled with Mike's ability to fast-talk his way into their good graces. Mike introduces Angel to the world of online modeling, portraying it as an easy gateway to her dreams. What they don't know initially is that Mike's website is not just any modeling site; it's a platform that sells images of young girls to suspect customers who seek such content, playing into the growing concern of child exploitation in the internet age.

Selling Innocence effectively captures the journey of Angel Berry through the terrain of excitement, glamour, danger, and exploitation. Her innocence and ambitions are manipulated to bait her into a world she knows little about; a world where her dream of fame becomes a hinckhouse for predatory activities. Sarah Lind's performance, walking the line between innocence and vulnerability, echoes the experience of many young girls misplaced in the world of show business.

Mimi Rogers as Angel's mother does an exceptional job of depicting the character's struggle as a parent, balancing her desire to support her daughter's dreams and her role as a protector. The evolving mother-daughter relationship adds another layer to the film, a narrative of family dynamics pressed under the weight of ambition.

The film also shines a spotlight on the role of technology in enabling such exploitation. It raises questions about the blurred boundaries, ethics, and regulations of online content, making it relevant even years after its release. The apparent ease with which Mike conducts his operation demonstrates the dark underbelly of the digital world that preys on innocence.

Another major character worth mentioning is D.A. Prosecuter Leanne Lancaster, a strong, determined woman portrayed by Tamara Hope, who emerges as a beacon of justice and hope in the murk. As she unravels the truth behind Mike's business, she becomes the narrative's moral backbone striving to uphold justice.

In a nutshell, Selling Innocence is a gripping portrayal of a teen's manipulated journey into the world of online exploitation, with family dynamics and legal investigation as backdrop. Directed adeptly by Pierre Gang, the film unfolds in a gradual, suspenseful manner that keeps the audience hooked to the very end. With strong performances by its cast and an ambience that mirrors its compelling narrative, this drama succeeds in shedding light on an important issue demanding immediate attention. The lines blur between innocence and exploitation in this hard-hitting saga of dreams misled and justice sought.

Selling Innocence is a Drama movie released in 2005. It has a runtime of 88 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.4..

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