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See No Evil is a 2006 horror film directed by Gregory Dark and produced by Joel Simon. Written by Dan Madigan, the film stars world-famous wrestler Glenn Jacobs, also known as WWE's Kane, in his first lead role. Rounding up the cast are Christina Vidal and Michael J. Pagan in significant roles.

The film is introduced with a gruesome scene of a police officer forced to kill a disturbing figure in a cringe-worthy run-in. The horrifying figure, the focus of the film, is Jacob Goodnight (Glenn Jacobs), a psychopathic serial killer who certainly leaves an impression. Brutish, energetic, with a tall, looming figure and one sickening eye, he's the heart of the movie's terror, inspiring fear whenever he appears.

The story resumes four years later in the plotline when a group of juvenile delinquents, under the watchful eyes of their officers Frank Williams (Steven Vidler) and Hannah Anders (Cecily Polson), head to the Blackwell Hotel. This abandonment-turned-retreat is intended for the juvenile group to engage in a community service project — cleaning and renovating the dilapidated premises.

But when they peel off one by one to explore the mysteriously gothic architecture and vast, strange hotel, they start to stumble upon its chilling history. Unbeknown to them is that the edifice is home to the silently lurking Jacob Goodnight. As the scenes unfold, the film takes on the familiar and frightful trajectory of a typical serial killer thriller—terrified victims and a relentless predator in a place nobody can swiftly escape.

Christina Vidal's character, Kira, stands out as a rebel with an emotional backstory. Her character depth offers a welcome contrast from other disposable characters who often populate horror films. Another notable performance is from Michael J. Pagan's character, Tyson, who effectively delivers fear, confusion, and survival instincts as the plot begins to thicken.

The audience gets glimpses of Goodnight's motivations and backstory throughout the film, which cross between tragic and horrific. His monstrous tendencies, festered in a dark, gruesome past could trigger empathy, disgust, or both. Glenn Jacobs does an excellent job with the character, his hulking size, and formidable presence doing wonders for creating a character everyone fears.

Being a Gregory Dark film, See No Evil is undeniably high on gore and blood sequences, clearly targeted towards die-hard horror fans. Ultimately, the plot weaves through with moments of psychological horror, suspense, and shocking revelations. The movie utilizes imagery and elements like Goodnight's massive meat hook, eerie hotel corridors, and a haunting backstory to provide a chilling perspective and enhance the eerie puzzle.

Setting a good chunk of the movie within the confines of a decrepit, creepily atmospheric hotel makes for engaging cinematography filled with shadowy corners and fear-inducing secret chambers. The film's use of color gradients or detracting from color entirely bolsters the grim atmosphere and enhances the sense of unease. In See No Evil, the hotel itself is an ominous character, doused in an unnerving atmosphere that adds another layer of suspense to the narrative.

The movie concludes with an intense climax that leaves the characters and audience alike questioning who will survive the imposing wrath of the one-eyed killer. The horror ride the movie provides is filled with jumps, screams, and the unsettling tension for which the genre is beloved.

Although See No Evil embraces many horror clichés, including a deranged killer, terrified victims, and a haunting past, it executes them in a way that will satisfy many horror fans. The movie is at turns eerie, chilling, and relentlessly terrifying, backed by commendable performances from Jacobs, Vidal, and Pagan. Its use of the overarching architecture adds to the eeriness, and the surprise factors are strategically placed to keep the audience on edge throughout.

In conclusion, See No Evil is an adrenaline-fueled journey into horror that blends gore, suspense, mystery, fine performances, and thrilling cinematography. Despite being a standard horror archetype film, it's an engaging step into familiar ground and can appeal to a wide array of horror movie aficionados.

See No Evil is a Horror, Thriller movie released in 2006. It has a runtime of 85 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.0. It also holds a MetaScore of 17.

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