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Numb, released in 2007, is a drama-based movie directed by Harris Goldberg. Along with directing the movie, Harris also co-wrote the script with first-time writer, Dylan Meyer. The film features some well-known names in the industry, including Matthew Perry, Lynn Collins, and Kevin Pollak.

The storyline of Numb circles around a struggling screenwriter, played by Matthew Perry, who is going through severe depression that makes him feel numb towards the world. Perry's character Hudson is upset because he has sold his soul to Hollywood, where he only writes comedies, which he hates. His calling is to write meaningful and dramatized movies, but he is stuck in the generic comedies industry. Hudson is also grappling with anxiety and depression, which cause him to disconnect from reality, and he finds himself lost in his own world.

Lynn Collins portrays the character of Sara, who is Hudson's girlfriend. She loves him but is frustrated with his apathy and inability to come out of his shell of numbness. To try and regain a sense of purpose in his life, Hudson decides to move away from Los Angeles and into the backwoods of Oregon. The pair end up there with the hope of discovering new purpose and inspiration, looking for a way to break out of the cycle.

Once they arrive, they find that living in the seclusion of the forest isn't as easy as it sounds. Hudson is still unable to shake himself out of his depression, despite the fresh air and change in scenery. As he spends his time exploring the wilderness, he starts to encounter some rather eccentric characters, many of whom become subjects of his idea for his screenplay. One such character he meets is Bob, played by Kevin Pollak, who is a local electrician with a love of explosives.

As Hudson becomes consumed with writing his new screenplay, Sara takes on the role of looking after him to ensure he continues to take care of himself despite his depressive state. However, when Sara starts to develop an attraction towards Bob, Hudson's world is thrown into disarray.

Numb's cinematography mindfully depicts the beauty of Oregon's woodlands while also contrasting it with Hudson's bleak mental state. The movie also produces stark comparisons between the busy and crowded life of Los Angeles living, and the harmonious solitude of the woodlands. The movie portrays mental illness in a tasteful manner with the portrayal of the Hudson's life, emotions, and mental state. Though the storyline struggles to keep the audience invigorated, the artistic expression of the movie is resonating.

Overall, Numb is a heart-warming movie that you can enjoy if you love drama and a well-managed character development. The acting performances of Matthew Perry and Lynn Collins are commendable, and Harris Goldberg's direction is subtle and thought-provoking. The movie's run time of 93 minutes is perfect for its storyline, and while it may not be for everyone, it manages to provide an insight into the mental afflictions that trouble many creative people in our world.

Numb is a Comedy, Drama, Romance movie released in 2007. It has a runtime of 93 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.5..

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