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Nightfall is a 2012 Hong Kong crime thriller film directed by Chow Hin Yeung Roy and starring Nick Cheung, Simon Yam, and Michael Wong. It is based on the 1997 novel of the same name by Japanese author Higashino Keigo.

The film follows Chan Kwok-chung (Nick Cheung), a private detective who is hired by a mysterious woman named Sophie (Janice Man) to find evidence to exonerate her boyfriend Yuen Chi-wai (Shawn Dou), who has been accused of killing a jewelry store owner. As Chan investigates the case, he discovers that Yuen's case is linked to a series of murders that happened years ago. He also meets a former cop named Senior Inspector Lam (Simon Yam), who was involved in the original case and has now retired. Together, they uncover a web of lies and deceit that leads them to the shocking truth.

The movie opens with a bang, as a jewelry store owner is brutally murdered in his shop. The killer steals some jewels and leaves behind a trail of evidence. The case is assigned to the police, and Yuen is quickly identified as a suspect. He is arrested, but Sophie believes he is innocent and hires Chan to prove it.

Chan is a bit of an unconventional private detective. He is moody, sarcastic, and not particularly likable. He is also haunted by a tragic past, which is slowly revealed as the story progresses. Despite his flaws, he is a skilled investigator and soon starts to unravel the mystery.

As Chan delves deeper into the case, he discovers that the murder is part of a larger conspiracy that involves a group of friends who met years ago at a summer camp. The group includes Yuen, the victim, and several other characters who become suspects in the case. Chan and Lam work together to piece together the events of that fateful summer and uncover the truth behind the murders.

One of the strengths of Nightfall is its complex plot. The story twists and turns in unexpected ways, keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat. The characters are also well-developed, with each having their own motivations and secrets. Nick Cheung delivers a strong performance as Chan, portraying him as a flawed but ultimately sympathetic character. Simon Yam, as always, is excellent as the gruff ex-cop Lam.

The cinematography is also a highlight of the film. The nighttime scenes are particularly striking, with the neon lights of Hong Kong giving the movie a noirish feel. The action scenes are well-staged, with the final confrontation being particularly intense.

One criticism of the movie is that it can be a bit confusing at times. The plot jumps between different timelines and characters, and it can be difficult to keep track of who is who. Some viewers may also find the tone of the film to be overly somber, with little in the way of levity or humor.

Overall, Nightfall is a well-crafted crime thriller that will keep viewers engaged from beginning to end. Its complex plot and well-drawn characters make it a cut above many other movies in the genre, and the performances of Nick Cheung and Simon Yam are worth the price of admission alone. If you're a fan of crime movies or mysteries, Nightfall is definitely worth checking out.

Nightfall is a Documentary, Horror, Mystery, Suspense movie released in 2010. It has a runtime of 68 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it no reviews, with an IMDb score of undefined..

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