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Ladies Night is a 2016 comedy-drama released on DVD, starring Karen Q. Clark, Duane Jackson, Deb Lewis, and Jason Willey. This raunchy tale revolves around four best friends from college, who reunite after years apart to let loose on a wild girl's night out. Karen Q. Clark plays the role of Keisha, a successful fashion entrepreneur who is the glue that holds this tight-knit group of friends together. Keisha is determined to make sure that her friends have a great time as they hit the town, taking in all the drinks, music, and male entertainment that they can handle. As the night progresses, Keisha, Duane Jackson's character, Gary, Deb Lewis's character, Tasha, and Jason Willey's character, Rene, stumble from one hilarious situation to another, each of them trying their best to keep up with the partying pace that Keisha has set. Despite their various stresses and obligations, these best friends are determined to make the most of the night and let their hair down. Their exploits lead them from bars and clubs to male strip shows and karaoke bars, all while they navigate awkward encounters with strangers and deal with their own personal dramas. Along the way, they discover that even though they've grown apart over the years, their bond remains as strong as ever. Amidst all the fun and games, each character has a moment to shine. We see Rene grappling with his ex-wife's new relationship, while Gary struggles with his job as a lawyer and his search for love. Tasha, meanwhile, is confronted by her own mortality, forcing her to confront her fears and figure out what she wants from life. Karen Q. Clark's Keisha is the driving force of the film, and the character that keeps things moving. Even as she lets go and embraces the wild, carefree side of herself, she remains the voice of reason, always there to make sure that her friends are safe and supported. Duane Jackson's Gary brings a sense of groundedness to the group, his dry humor and practicality providing a comic counterpoint to the more outlandish antics of his friends. As they all get drunker and crazier, Gary remains the voice of responsibility, making sure that they don't go too far. Deb Lewis's Tasha, though initially portrayed as a hypochondriac, soon proves to be the deepest and most complex character of the group. We see her confronting her own anxieties and fears, and ultimately, coming out as the strongest of the group. Rene, played by Jason Willey, brings a touch of swagger and masculinity to the proceedings, but also reveals moments of vulnerability as he contemplates his own relationships and the choices he's made in life. Overall, Ladies Night is a fun and fast-paced movie, anchored by strong performances from its ensemble cast. While the storyline may not be entirely original, the chemistry between the actors and the fun, raucous atmosphere make this a film that is easy to watch and highly entertaining. It's a perfect choice for a girls' night in or a night with friends who are looking for a good laugh.

Ladies Night is a Comedy, Horror, Thriller movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 8 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it no reviews, with an IMDb score of 0.0..

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