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La Brassiere, a Hong Kong-based romantic comedy film from 2001, stars Ching Wan Lau, Louis Koo, and Carina Lau. The movie is an amusing escapade that takes a fun, lighthearted look at the trials and tribulations of working in the ladies' lingerie industry.

The movie centers on two talented, accomplished designers, Johnny (played by Louis Koo) and Wayne (portrayed by Ching Wan Lau) who specialize in exquisite lingerie design. The duo, known for their innovative and stylish designs, have quite the prolific reputation in the business world. Wherever they go, they seem to be followed by an aura of glamour and success. However, beneath the seemingly glamorous profession lies the strict rule - you have to understand women to make lingerie that they will adore.

As fate would have it, these two talented bachelors, who have always worked in men's underwear designing, are suddenly assigned an unpredictable and challenging task by their CEO. They are required to venture into the terra incognita of designing bras - an entirely different category for them. This new assignment is much more than simply a matter of sizing and contouring; it involves a deep understanding of the feminine psyche, a territory these two are comically unfamiliar with.

The beautiful and intelligent Lena (played by Carina Lau), a high-ranking executive in the company, is tasked with reorienting Johnny and Wayne into the world of women's brassiere production. The interactions and comic tensions between Lena and the male charters make up much of the film's comedic tone.

The narrative introduces Helen, played by Gigi Leung – an aspiring designer who is brought on board to be the muse for Johnny and Wayne. She is the archetypal modern woman, confident and assertive, yet with a soft and tender side. The designers' growing relationship with Helen and their interaction with her provides further amusing moments. As they all come closer, a love triangle ensues, adding another dose of humor, tension, and drama.

La Brassiere is not just a simple comedy but also a journey of self-discovery and a deep exploration of gender dynamics. The film takes an intimate look at the lingerie business, pushing its male protagonists to question their understanding of femininity, gender roles, and the much-speculated topic ‘what women want.' Amidst the laughter and love intrigues, the characters strive to come up with the perfect design, symbolizing the quest of understanding the intricate desires and expectations of women.

The movie presents a vivid contrast between the worlds of male and female, not just in lingerie, but also in their aspirations, attitudes, and relationships. The screenplay employs humor as a tool to bring out these contrasts and connections. The charm and wit of the movie lie in the comedic situations and dialogues that are intelligently infused with the peculiar predicaments of underwear designing.

Johnny and Wayne, the epitome of confident, successful modern men, must navigate the unfamiliar terrain of women's lingerie, relationships, and the feminine psyche. The hysterics continue throughout the film, with several comedic instances highlighting how the simplest tasks can become missions when different gender perspectives, assumptions, and approaches collide. The film emphasizes the importance of understanding and appreciating different perspectives, making it not just a comedy movie, but something deeper and significant.

The performances by the three leads, Ching Wan Lau, Louis Koo, and Carina Lau, are power-packed and add essence to the storyline. Their impeccable comic timing and charisma promise viewers a roller coaster ride of laughter, drama, and romance.

La Brassiere is a representation of the complexities and the joy of understanding the opposite sex, perfectly mixed with humor and romance. The movie is a fun ride, flavored with romance, ambition, friendship, and misunderstanding amongst genders, making it worth a watch for its unique storyline and comic appeal. It's engaging, amusing, and thought-provoking all at the same time! Whether you're interested in fashion, romantic comedies, or films about fascinating workplaces, La Brassiere promises an entertaining and enlightening experience.

La Brassiere is a Drama, Comedy, Romance movie released in 2001. It has a runtime of 105 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0..

Chan Hing-Ka, Patrick Leung
Lau Ching-Wan, Louis Koo, Carina Lau
Also directed by Hing-Ka Chan, Patrick Leung
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