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Jackie Chan: My Stunts is a 1999 documentary-style film featuring the legendary Chinese martial artist, Jackie Chan. The movie gives its audiences an in-depth look at Chan's stunt work and the painstaking process that goes into creating the jaw-dropping action sequences that he is known for. Throughout the movie, Chan takes viewers behind the scenes of some of his most iconic movies, including Project A and Drunken Master, and shares the stories and challenges that he faced while filming those movies. The documentary also shows Chan and his team, including Ken Lo, Bradley James Allan, and Anthony Carpio, rehearsing and practicing their daring stunts and choreography. What makes this documentary so unique is that Jackie Chan is not a mere subject of the film, but he is actively involved in the process of making it. He acts as a narrator explaining his thought process while filming, and how he chooses specific stunts or fights for certain scenes. Chan also reveals some of his techniques for choreographing action sequences and shares his experiences with martial arts. The film is full of never-before-seen footage that showcases Chan's dedication to his craft, from designing and testing new stunts himself to monitoring the performance of his stuntmen. The movie also delves into the risks and dangers associated with stunt work, highlighting the importance of safety and meticulous planning. The documentary features some of the most breathtaking stunts ever performed for the camera, including an unforgettable sequence where Chan rides a city bus clinging onto its side. In one of the most jaw-dropping moments, Chan narrowly avoids being hit by a helicopter's blades while clinging onto a huge clock tower's hands. Jackie Chan's My Stunts chronicles the evolution of the action film industry, illuminating how choreography and stunts have advanced with new technology and new ideas over the years. Notably, Chan and his team put in unimaginable work to create the safe environment for the actors during the stunts which makes the documentaries all the more intriguing. The film is a testament to Chan's artistic vision, dedication, and hard work, showcasing his genius in crafting unforgettable and thrilling action sequences. The documentary showcases Chan's role as an actor and action director rather than his well-known image as an action movie star. By doing so, it makes a significant contribution not only to the history of action movies but also to the development of the Hong Kong film industry in its golden age. In summary, Jackie Chan: My Stunts is a must-watch for fans of Jackie Chan, action and martial arts movies, and anyone interested in the process that goes into producing visually stunning action sequences. The film is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the making of Chan's incredible movies, and it is a celebration of Chan's tireless pursuit of excellence in storytelling and action.

Jackie Chan: My Stunts is a Documentary movie released in 1999. It has a runtime of 94 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.6..

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