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Happy Death Day is a 2017 horror-comedy movie directed by Christopher Landon and produced by Jason Blum. The movie stars Jessica Rothe as Tree Gelbman, a college student who is caught in a time loop that replays the day of her murder over and over again. The other cast members include Israel Broussard as Carter, a guy who Tree wakes up next to at the beginning of the loop, and Ruby Modine as Lori, Tree's roommate who becomes a suspect in her murder.

The movie begins on the morning of Tree's birthday, when she wakes up in Carter's dorm room with no memory of how she got there. As she goes about her day, she receives a series of strange phone calls and texts from an unknown person, and starts to feel like someone is following her. Later that night, as she is leaving a party, she is attacked and killed by a masked assailant.

However, instead of waking up in the afterlife, Tree finds herself back in Carter's room at the beginning of the same day. Confused and disoriented, she relives the day again, only to be killed again at the end of the night. This cycle keeps repeating itself, and Tree realizes that she is trapped in a time loop.

As she navigates the day and tries to figure out who her killer is, Tree begins to discover more about herself and those around her. She starts to remember past events and realizes that she has not always been a nice person. Tree also has to confront some of her personal demons, including her strained relationship with her father and her fear of commitment.

Despite the surreal and sometimes comical aspects of the time loop, Happy Death Day is a suspenseful and thrilling movie. The stakes are high for Tree, as every time she gets killed she loses another chance to solve her own murder. The mystery of who the killer is keeps the audience guessing, and there are plenty of twists and turns to keep things interesting.

The performances in Happy Death Day are top-notch, particularly Jessica Rothe as Tree. Rothe brings a relatable and sympathetic vulnerability to the role, and makes Tree a character that the audience cares about and roots for. Israel Broussard as Carter is also great, providing a good counterbalance to Tree's more frantic energy. Together, Rothe and Broussard have a believable and charming chemistry that helps to ground the more outlandish elements of the movie.

In addition to the strong performances, Happy Death Day also benefits from a smart and witty script. The movie manages to balance horror and humor in a way that feels fresh and original. While there are plenty of jump scares and tense moments, there are also plenty of jokes and one-liners that provide levity and make the movie a fun experience.

Overall, Happy Death Day is a smart and entertaining horror-comedy that is sure to delight audiences. With its winning performances, clever script, and suspenseful plot, the movie is a must-see for anyone who enjoys a good scare and a good laugh.

Happy Death Day is a Horror, Mystery, Comedy, Thriller movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 96 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6. It also holds a MetaScore of 58.

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