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Dorfman in Love is a 2011 romantic-comedy film directed by Brad Leong and starring Sara Rue, Elliott Gould, and Catherine Hicks. The movie is an enjoyable and heartwarming story about a single, thirty-something woman named Deb Dorfman (Sara Rue) who is struggling to find her place in life. Deb is a kind-hearted woman who works as a phone operator in a Los Angeles publishing house. Her professional life is unfulfilling and she is constantly being taken advantage of by her colleagues. However, her family life is equally uneventful, with her mother (Catherine Hicks) constantly pressuring her to find a husband and settle down. One day, Deb is forced to take care of her younger sister's dog, who ends up leading her to an encounter with a charming, free-spirited street artist named Jay (Johann Urb). As she starts to fall for Jay, Deb must deal with the fact that he is not interested in commitment or relationships. At the same time, Deb is befriended by a quirky, retired widower named Mr. Snowcone (Elliott Gould), who runs an old-fashioned candy store. Mr. Snowcone sees Deb's potential and spirit and gives her a new direction in life, helping her to discover her true passion and creative talents. Throughout the film, Deb struggles to find her footing in both love and her professional life, but as she navigates these challenges, she learns important lessons about herself and what she really wants in life. With the support of her newfound friends and family, Deb makes some life-changing decisions, leading her to a happy and fulfilling ending. Dorfman in Love is a delightful film that will appeal to anyone who has ever felt lost or unsure about their life. The story is charming, the characters are endearing, and the performances from the cast are exceptional. Sara Rue is particularly outstanding in her role as Deb, conveying both vulnerability and resilience with ease. The film also boasts beautiful cinematography, capturing the essence of Los Angeles in a way that will make viewers fall in love with the city. The soundtrack is equally impressive, featuring a mix of feel-good indie tracks and soulful ballads that perfectly complement the tone of the movie. Overall, Dorfman in Love is a heartwarming and inspiring film that will leave audiences feeling uplifted and hopeful. Its message of following your dreams and never settling for anything less than true happiness is one that will resonate with viewers long after the credits have rolled.

Dorfman in Love is a Comedy, Romance movie released in 2013. It has a runtime of 92 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0. It also holds a MetaScore of 35.

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Brad Leong
Scott Wilson, Sara Rue, Elliott Gould
Also directed by Brad Leong
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