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Deadcon, directed by Caryn Waechter and written by Scotty Landis, is a 2019 horror-drama that unfolds in the rapidly evolving world of social media, presenting a gripping commentary on the consequences of online fame. The movie features influential digital personas such as Lauren Elizabeth, Claudia Sulewski, and Keith Machekanyanga, who bring true authenticity to the story with their first-hand experiences of the digital era's highs and lows.

A product of Gunpowder & Sky under their ALTER-brand, the movie begins when true-crime meets the paranormal in LINK_CON, one of the year's biggest social media conventions. Here, millions of followers, likes, and hashtags come to life as social media influencers from all around the world gather to interact, share ideas, and strengthen their online presence.

Among these are the movie's two main characters, Ashley (Claudia Sulewski) and Megan (Lauren Elizabeth), who occupy different rungs on the social media ladder. Ashley enjoys the height of Internet fame, with millions of followers listening, watching, and idolizing her every word and move. In contrast, Megan is gradually making her mark in the digital domain, struggling to navigate the turbulent waters of online influence.

As the influencers arrive at the convention and settle in their sponsored hotel rooms, they anticipate three days packed with fan meet-ups, signing sessions, and potential collaborations. However, this all takes a terrifying twist when they realize that they aren't the only occupants in their hotel rooms. A malignant paranormal entity from a tragic event in the hotel's past has been awoken by LINK_CON's electrifying energy. The spirit targets the social media stars, exploiting their deepest insecurities and fears.

Moreover, the film features Keith Machekanyanga in his dependable role as Dave, the hotel's amiable room service attendant. However, Dave too has a mysterious edge - he is possibly the only one who knows about the hotel's haunting secret. As the influencers battle an invisible adversary while striving to maintain their online aura, Dave becomes instrumental in uncovering the truth.

Characterized by chilling sequences, Deadcon deftly uses the concept of social media as a backdrop to emphasize the narrative's eeriness. This modern horror doesn't rely on conventional means to engage the audience, rather, it taps into the fear of the unknown, the unseen, interlaced with the well-known yet equally daunting world of social media. It captures the irony of influencers' lives, who might inspire millions yet often feel lonely and vulnerable behind the scenes.

The cinematography of Deadcon, combined with atmospheric sound design, greatly accentuates its haunting theme. Long, eerie hallways, dimly lit rooms, and gloomy corridors set the unsettling ambiance. Director Caryn Waechter skillfully exploits these traditional horror elements while simultaneously delving into the psychological terror associated with the concept of fame and public scrutiny.

The film also pays just attention to dialogue, emphasizing the clash between the digital slang of the influencers and the old-world charm of the hotel and its seemingly harmless staff. This results in narrative richness, as we witness how escalating fear disturbs the influencers' glamorous public facades and exposes their human fragility.

In conclusion, Deadcon is an interesting exploration of social media's paradoxical nature. It dwells into themes of loneliness and the precariousness of online fame. With the internet celebrities' lives at stake, the movie raises pertinent questions about the implications of digital existence while promising a thrilling ride for the audience. Deadcon will leave the viewers pondering over the symbiotic relationship between technology, fame, and fear, all while delivering satisfyingly spine-chilling thrills.

Deadcon is a Horror movie released in 2019. It has a runtime of 78 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 2.8..

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Caryn Waechter
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