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Curse of the Witch's Doll is a thrilling and intense horror film released in 2018, written and directed by Lawrence Fowler. This gripping film stars Helen Crevel, Philip Ridout, and Layla Watts in prominent roles. The story revolves around a mysterious doll closely linked to a series of unnatural events that bring horror, suspense, and paranormal experiences into focus, taking the audience on an adrenaline-charged ride.

Set against the backdrop of the Second World War in 1942, the movie primarily follows the journey of Adeline Gray, portrayed brilliantly by Helen Crevel. Adeline, along with her daughter Chloe (played by Layla Watts), seeks refuge from war-torn London. They escape to the quiet countrysides, moving into a seemingly safe and peaceful old manor located in the remote Welsh countryside.

However, the tranquility is short-lived. The pair soon find themselves entangled in a horrifying supernatural phenomenon that is inexplicably linked to a peculiar antique doll. Helen Crevel delivers a remarkable performance as the strong-willed and desperate mother trying to protect her daughter from the horrors that unfold around them. Her daughter, Chloe, portrayed by Layla Watts, brings a sense of innocence and vulnerability to her role that intensifies the dread.

Philip Ridout delivers an engaging performance as Arthur Harper, lending a sense of depth and distinctive character to this mysterious film. His character is significant to the plot, unraveling dark secrets associated with the manor and the witch's doll. Other notable performances include Neil Hobbs as the Detective Nolan, who investigates the strange and supernatural occurrences, and Claire Carreno as the chilling character of The Witch.

The narrative of Curse of the Witch's Doll is filled with suspense and tension. The script cleverly uses the doll as a narrative device, with the scary lore of the witch adding a rich layer of mystical history to the plot. As the horrifying reality behind the doll surfaces, the protagonists must fight against time, unveiling the secrets of this haunted mansion and the cursed doll before it's too late.

The director, Lawrence Fowler, successfully interweaves historical elements, terrifying supernatural phenomena, and nuanced characters into a complex narrative plot that keeps the audience gripping the edge of their seats. The dichotomy between the peace promised by the countryside and the terrifying events that take place adds another layer of suspense and fear.

Visually, the movie is a triumph. The cinematography is immersive, with each shot meticulously framed, transporting viewers into the heart of the story. From haunting shadows to eroding manor interiors, the film uses mise en scène to its full potential, maintaining a constant eerie atmosphere throughout. The gloomy and atmospheric settings escalate the tension, intensifying the dark and creeping horror that pervades the film.

The soundscape of the movie also deserves praise. Each creak, whisper, and silence contributes to the chilling sensory experience, enhancing the feeling of dread. The soundtrack is a useful tool in setting the tone of the scenes, oscillating between periods of eerie silence and bone-chilling musical scores.

Curse of the Witch's Doll stands out in the horror genre, not only for its chilling storyline but also for its excellent performances, atmospheric cinematography, and suspenseful plot twists. While the movie has all the elements that fans of classic horror can appreciate – a haunted manor, an antique doll, and a mysterious witch – it brings a unique twist to these tropes, resulting in a suspenseful cinematic experience.

In summary, the Curse of the Witch's Doll guarantees a captivating journey that combines the realities of war, supernatural folklore, and mind-bending horror. The film is sure to evoke fear, necessitating viewers to muster the courage to face the daunting horror that unfurls with each passing minute, just like the protagonists. If you are a fan of the horror genre or are just in desires of an adrenaline-rush, it is a must-watch film.

Curse Of The Witch's Doll is a Horror movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 98. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.1..

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