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The 2019 short-horror film, Brutal Realty, Inc., directed by Erik Boccio, is a delightfully eerie concoction of extreme metal, offbeat humor, and horror storytelling layered with endearing odd-ball characters. Notably featuring actors Sarah Burns, Meggie Cherilus, and London May, Brutal Realty, Inc., runs 11 fantastically orchestrated unpleasant minutes to draw a gruesome, yet comedic picture in your minds.

Spinning an unconventional tale around the mundane world of real estate, the narrative is centered on an unassuming realtor, Karl, embodied to perfection by London May. Karl may appear as an everyday, clumsily navigating his way through his demanding job in the outdoors of sunny California. However, beneath his innocent demeanor lurks a colossal secret - he is a demon drummer in a Black Metal band moonlighting as a realtor. His life is a cacophony of quirky potential clients, complicated land deals, and roaring death metal gigs.

Sarah Burns shines in her role as the all-too-eager homebuyer, Ashley, who is enchanted by the quaint house offered by Karl. Meggie Cherilus, portraying the role of Vanessa, a curious neighbor, adds to the quirky fabric of the narrative. The three main characters live in their individual world at first, oblivious to the life-changing connections waiting to be made.

The movie's brilliance lays in its tight script, controlled direction, and nuanced performances which makes the short runtime replete with intrigue, dark humor, and shocks. The director, Erik Boccio, shows great skill in creating a tight narrative that impeccably blends the elements of horror and heavy metal music, resulting in a distinct genre mashup that is as horrifically wild as it is humorously absurd.

Set against the backdrop of the death metal subculture and real estate industry, Brutal Realty, Inc., takes you on a ride through Karl's dual life as he tries to juggle his reality. Despite revolving around the life of a demon who plays death metal, the movie subtly normalizes this character and aligns you with his battles, challenges, and dilemmas. From dealing with annoying clients to a full-blown drum gig, Karl appears more 'normal' even in his abnormality. This unique approach makes the film a darkly comedic horror flick that transcends the limits of the genre, offering one of the most surprising and unique plotlines in contemporary short films.

Brutal Realty, Inc., is filled to the brim with extreme imagery, sound, and characters. The gothic makeup and costumes, accompanied by intensely bold cinematography, add further to the viewing experience, making every scene a rich visual extravaganza. Simultaneously, the heavy metal music pulsating in the background offers a sonic treat, powerful enough to create a sense of tension and thrill. Neil Garguilo’s screenplay, awash with eccentric dialogue delivery, impeccably complements the off-kilter aura that this project tries to achieve.

The impeccable use of music in the movie is noteworthy. The filmmakers use heavy metal not just as a backdrop or a character trait but use it to forward the narrative. Like a symphony cloaked in terror and comedy, the arrangement of extreme music is a character in itself, providing the story with one of its most authentic and unique tools of storytelling.

Despite being a short film, Brutal Realty, Inc., leaves a significant impact on its viewers owing to its unique storyline and compelling characters. The seemingly odd juxtaposition of death metal and real estate, rather than clashing, is woven together flawlessly, underscored by the talents of the leading actors. The film generates substantial laughs while maintaining its horrific elements, fiercely dominating your senses, all rendered in a lusciously morbid yet light-hearted ambience.

In conclusion, Brutal Realty, Inc., is a fantastic piece of short cinema. Powered by exceptional performances from the leads, namely London May, Sarah Burns, and Meggie Cherilus, it carries you through an 11 minute journey that puts a refreshing spin on traditional horror elements. It's a must-see for fans of horror, comedy, and heavy metal music, speaking volumes about the power of thematic blending and creative storytelling – truly a study in brevity and brilliance.

Brutal Realty, Inc. is a Horror movie released in 2019. It has a runtime of 14 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7..

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