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Batang Quiapo (Child of Quiapo), made in 1986, is a quintessential classic of Filipino Cinema. Filled with humor, action, drama, and a slice of genuine Filipino culture, the film has tastefully mixed multiple genres. It features Fernando Poe Jr, an iconic actor of the Philippine silver screen, along with the vibrant Maricel Soriano and youthful Sheryl Cruz. At the heart of Batang Quiapo is Fernando Poe Jr., well-loved and rightly dubbed "King of Philippine Movies." He plays the character of Carding, a good-hearted street-smart resident of Quiapo, a district known for its vibrancy and color in the city of Manila. Carding is a jovial, quick-witted underdog whose happiness, despite the odds, is truly infectious. The film's title refers to the character's origin. Raised in Quiapo from a young age or 'batang Quiapo' in Tagalog, Carding gracefully traverses through the labyrinth of life in the bustling district. The film showcases the intersection of his intriguing journey with those of other memorable characters in the lively setting. Playing alongside Fernando Poe Jr, is the idol of millions, Maricel Soriano. Soriano masterfully plays the character of Martha, a young woman with an iron will and a big heart. Her character's relationship with Carding forms the core of the narrative, thus offering an interesting dynamic steeped in local color. The intricacies of their friendship, the bluster of their frequent quarrels, and the underlying theme of unexpressed love collectively make for a powerful potion that keeps the viewers hooked. Further adding to the dynamic casting, Sheryl Cruz enlivens the plot with her portrayal of a young, naive girl with her own set of struggles. Her journey intersects with Carding’s, adding some stirring moments to this emotionally charged tale. Director Pablo Santiago, renowned for his knack of piecing together riveting narratives, does an outstanding job with Batang Quiapo. He intersperses bouts of laughter with heart-touching moments of drama, underlined with explosive action sequences, ensuring the film is a rollercoaster ride of entertainment. The director ensures real-life-like artistry throughout the movie, mirroring Quiapo's streets' intensity. The film’s portrayal of life in the district isn't glossed over but presents a factual account of life in the district, complete with its poverty, bustling streets, lively markets, and loud music. The film also paints a compelling picture of life during the 80s in the Philippines. From the diverse social factors of the time to the distinctive cultural elements of the 80s, the film rebirths the era for its audiences. The screenplay, laced with sharp dialogue and witted banter, brings out the character's depth and highlights the brilliance of the cast. It is the combination of Fernando Poe Jr.'s muted humor, Maricel Soriano's distinct sassiness, and Sheryl Cruz's innocent charm that elevates the film's narrative. Along with an engaging plot, the film’s direction and screenplay keep you engrossed throughout the journey. Furthermore, local music artist and movie composer Jaime Fabregas also weighs in with his stellar contribution to the film. Each scene is acutely paired with a musical score that fits the movie’s energetic, emotional, and sometimes tense moments. The music ramps up the entertainment and ties the whole package together, making it an enjoyable watch from start to finish. In summation, Batang Quiapo is a film with a heart, a reminder of why Fernando Poe Jr. is considered as the monarch of the Filipino cinema. It is a potpourri of humor, action, drama, and romance, simmered in the beautiful chaos of Quiapo's streets during the 80s. Character-driven and beautifully shot, Batang Quiapo is a must-watch for anyone exploring Philippine cinema. The film’s rich narrative, enchanting performances, and iconic music outline the glory of a time now passed, yet still very much alive within the spirit of Batang Quiapo.

Batang Quiapo is a Action, Comedy movie released in 1986. It has a runtime of 110. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8..

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