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Bad Blood: The Movie, directed by Tim Reis, is a captivating and imaginative journey into the world of horror and science fiction, showcasing a perfect blend of black comedy, extreme horror, and old school creature features. This 2016 American film is brimming with nostalgia, vibrant aesthetics, and exceptional performances by Mary Malloy, Vikas Adam, and Troy Halverson.

The story centers on Victoria Miller (Mary Malloy), a young woman living a mundane life in a small town, who is eager to blaze her own trail far from this monotonous life. As she is navigating her teenage years and planning her escape, fate spins her life into an unexpected and gruesome nightmare. A rare lunar event catalyzes a biological transformation within her, culminating in a grotesque transformation that bears an uncanny resemblance to the hideous monsters from the classic creature features she grew up watching.

Vikas Adam plays the role of Victoria's loving, albeit overprotective, father who becomes increasingly alarmed by his daughter's mysterious affliction. On the other hand, Troy Halverson imbues his character, a well-meaning doctor, with an adequate dose of skepticism and curiosity. As the frightful events escalate, the notion of science clashing with the supernatural underscores the narrative, creating a menacing ambience punctuated with an eerie humor.

Under Tim Reis’s firm directorial grasp, the film doesn't shy away from engaging the viewers with a mix of eccentric characters, outlandish scenarios, and a perfect concoction of scare and humor to ensure a fun, thrilling ride. The world-building is unique, and the use of practical effects for the creature creation is a testament to the film's dedication to capturing the essence of vintage horror movies. There's an unmistakable shade of wistfulness in its celebration of the past's more tactile and innovative moviemaking traditions.

Bad Blood: The Movie is also a narrative about the trials and tribulations of small-town life, the complexities of familial relationships, adolescent angst, and the pressure to conform. It taps uncannily into the mood of suburban discontent, painting a vivid portrait of a monstrous transformation as a metaphor for the fears and contradictions that Victoria grapples with.

The vibrant performances from the trio of main actors provide necessary emotional depth to the narrative. Mary Malloy captures the vulnerability and fortitude of a young woman facing a bizarre predicament, and she carries the narrative on her shoulders with grace and conviction. Vikas Adam is compelling as the anxious and bewildered father, delivering a performance that is equally sympathetic and provoking. The professional and compassionate aspect of Troy Halverson's character is an intriguing contrast against the ominous backdrop of the movie.

From the unconventional plot to the grotesque special effects, the movie pulls off the delicate balance of being terrifying and funny simultaneously. With its bold storytelling and something truly unexpected at every turn, Bad Blood: The Movie may not conform to the traditional idea of a horror film. It possesses an infectious energy that echoes throughout the film, making it fundamentally enjoyable and unforgettable.

To sum up, Bad Blood: The Movie is a gleefully gruesome, darkly comic, and wholly original addition to the American horror canon – satisfyingly retro and refreshingly new at the same time. For the fans who appreciate the fusion of horror, comedy, and science-fiction, this movie offers an enjoyable romp that will tickle your funny bone just as effectively as it turns your stomach. It is both an homage to and a reinvention of the eerie classics of carnage and chaos and warrants a watch from fans of the old-school creature feature genre.

Bad Blood: The Movie is a Horror movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 80 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.1..

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