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After the Dark (2013) is a well-crafted blend of philosophy, provoking narrative, and suspenseful cinematic elements that make it a noteworthy entry in the science fiction genre. The film is set against the backdrop of an Indonesian international school, and is intriguing with its explorative and immersive portrayal of human behaviour, existential choices, and the intricacies of survival.

Directed by John Huddles, the movie, lifts the screen to Mr. Zimit (James D'Arcy), a philosophy teacher at an international school in Jakarta who decides to engage his class of 21 on the last day of school with a thought experiment, one that is intensely intricate and challenging. The class includes students like the logical Petra (Sophie Lowe) and her boyfriend James (Rhys Wakefield), the straightforward Chips (Daryl Sabara), and among others, each character etching their own well-written, multiple-dimensional persona on screen.

The task set by Mr. Zimit is premised on a hypothetical apocalypse, which envisions a nuclear catastrophe that would send the world into extinction. His students must select ten among them based on their pragmatic skills - a selection that extends and transcends the boundaries of apocalyptic survival. Their current lives transcend into these fictional what-if scenarios as they work their way through survival, societal order, procreation, and questioning moral and ethical dilemmas.

As the film progresses, various scenarios are played out, each more complex and conflicting than the last. Petra, with her meticulous analytical mind, emerges as the rational foil to Mr. Zimit’s increasingly arbitrary junctures. This effectively pits her against the teacher in an intellectual and nerve-racking game of wits. Each choice made and each life that hangs in the balance exposes our underlying ideologies and the alienated morality and ethics when facing the realm of survival.

In After the Dark, human emotions, sentiments, philosophical quandaries, and the imperfections of decision-making all intertwine in an engaging narrative that leaves the audience deeply contemplating their own lives. The characters are subjected to harsh realities and forced to contemplate their existence, their purpose, their sufficing skills, and the true essence of survival in the face of dire circumstances. This film effectively provokes the audience to question – what makes us ‘us’ when all societal constructs are stripped away? What would our choices reveal about our integral selves and vice versa?

The film wonderfully weaves its narrative in and out of the experimental scenarios and the actual classroom, creating a multilayered storytelling style that switches between reality and hypothetical conjecture. The vivid landscapes and backdrops, ranging from the sterile classroom to the recreated post-apocalyptic Bunker (their only form of safety) and an Indonesian paradise add contrast and depth to the visually appealing, yet unsettling narrative of the film.

The performances in the movie are impressive. James D'Arcy fits well into the role of Mr. Zimit, bringing layers of complexity needed for the character. He exudes an aura of authority and intellect essential to the plot. Sophie Lowe, as Petra, presents a strong, thought provoking character, portraying emotions and logic with equal thirty. Daryl Sabara and Rhys Wakefield are equally notable in their roles, lending credibility and depth to their respective characters. The diverse ensemble cast does a commendable job in bringing the complex and thought-provoking characters to life.

Cinematography in After the Dark is impressive, effectively capturing the frantic, tense atmosphere of the story and amplifying its narrative and thematic elements. The pacing is deftly handled, carefully walking the thin line between exploring the emotional depth of the characters and maintaining an air of suspense and mystery.

In conclusion, After the Dark is a cinematic puzzle of survival, humanity and philosophical undertones, artfully interspersed with elements of the thriller and drama genres. It pushes the audience to the edge, makes them question, reason and, in many ways, introspect their own understanding of complex human behaviour. While it might not be to everybody's taste due to its focus on intellectual and existential discourse over action or traditional sci-fi elements, it is nonetheless a compelling exploration of philosophy and human nature wrapped in a cinematic package.

After the Dark is a Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller movie released in 2014. It has a runtime of 107 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.6. It also holds a MetaScore of 37.

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