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120 Days is an intimate and deeply emotional documentary film that was released in 2013, directed by Ted Roach. The documentary lays its focus on the issues of immigration, family, and personal sacrifice. It provides a thought-provoking window into the life of the undocumented migrants living in the United States. Unlike many other films on the subject, it emphasizes the human stories that are often lost amidst the heated debates and politics of immigration. Delicately crafted, 120 Days centers around the story of Miguel Cortes who, after living for over twelve years in North Carolina with his wife and two daughters, finds himself in the precarious position of undocumented migrant, facing deportation. In a surprise 'stop' by police for a minor traffic violation, Miguel's life is turned upside down when he is confronted with the harsh reality of his status. Placed under an unusual deal by the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer, he is given 120 days to get his affairs in order and voluntarily depart the country. The title of the film "120 Days" highlights the ticking clock that becomes a defining aspect of Miguel's life and the lives of his family during this period. It brings out the intense pressure and stress experienced by a law-abiding family under threat of sudden and highly disruptive upheaval. As the countdown begins, we witness the trials, dilemmas and requisite courage of the Cortes family. The film carefully navigates through various layers of their life, exploring their relationships, hopes, fears and dreams within the given time frame. It shows how the family attempts to reckon with their reality, their struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy and their desperate efforts to find a solution while keeping their familial bonds intact. 120 Days offers a rare insight into the dilemmas faced by undocumented migrants living in the US. It humanizes the issue by focusing on the emotional ups and downs of the Cortes family, allowing the viewers to empathize with their unfortunate plight. Director Ted Roach carefully peels back the layers of politics and media bias to give the audience a raw, unfiltered look into a reality that feels both deeply personal and universally distressing. The film poses difficult questions about the current immigration policies and their impact on real lives. It forces the audience to question the human cost of deportation, particularly cognizant of its shattering effect on families. Miguel's wife and their two daughters, irrespective of being US citizens, are entangled in the complexity of the immigration process, inevitably dealing with the loss and separation that comes with Miguel's situation. Roach doesn't hold back from revealing the fear and stigma associated with being an 'illegal alien,' a term that repeatedly pops up in the film and is more loaded than it seems. It's this minor detail that contrasts the otherwise ordinary existence of the family, highlighting the vulnerability of Miguel and countless others who share his fate. The cinematography of the film is subtle yet powerful, capturing the undulating emotions and scenic beauty of North Carolina, blending the chaos of their impending predicament with the tranquility their home has to offer. The soundtrack complements the visual storytelling, adding to the poignancy of their journey. In conclusion, 120 Days is an intense and heartbreaking exploration of the relentless struggle and resilience of a family caught in the vicious cycle of immigration bureaucracy. The film reminds us of the extraordinary sacrifices that ordinary human beings are forced to make for a dream of a better life. It is a blazing critique on immigration policies and the masquerade of justice that entraps countless individuals like Miguel Cortes. With its close-up narration and strong emotional undercurrent, 120 Days is a compelling watch, forcing viewers to profoundly reconsider the narratives surrounding immigration.

120 Days is a Documentary, Special Interest movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 79 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly positive reviews, with an IMDb score of 8.6..

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