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An American Tail: Fievel Goes West is a delightful animated movie directed by Phil Nibbelink and Simon Wells, released in 1991 as a sequel to the original "An American Tail". This heartwarming Western adventure stars the vocal talents of actors such as James Stewart, John Cleese, and Amy Irving.

Picking up where the original movie left off, we once again follow the adventures of the young and charming mouse, Fievel Mousekewitz. He's a tenacious and brave Russian-Jewish rodent who, with his family, has migrated to the United States. They originally came to the new world dreaming of a life free from danger, where "the streets are paved with cheese", only to find new challenges and dangers in the tough urban landscapes of New York City.

In "Fievel Goes West", the Mousekewitz family is enticed by a crafty cat named Cat R. Waul, voiced by the versatile John Cleese. Waul convinces them to leave the unwelcoming terrains of New York and move out West, where he promises, they will find a better life. Captivated by the promise of a Utopian mouse society free from feline harassment, the family sets off on a perilous journey across the country.

As the Mousekewitz family traverses westwards, Fievel brings his adventurous spirit, dreaming of becoming a famous lawman and ridding the West of cats. His dreams are bolstered by the arrival of Wylie Burp, a former law-dog played by James Stewart. Stewart brings heart and soul into his character, marking his final film role with a remarkable performance. In the meanwhile, Fievel's sister Tanya dreams of becoming a singer, and finds her own journey manifested through the voice talents of Amy Irving.

On their journey towards a hopeful future, the family encounters various challenges and oddities of the wild west that further tests their courage and unity. They continually find themselves pulled into a conflict between the mice populace and a deceitful community of cats. The latter are led by the villainous Cat R. Waul, who, beneath his sophisticated exterior, conceals a cunning scheme against the mice.

In its entirety, "An American Tail: Fievel Goes West" stands as a vibrant and exciting adventure. It is beautifully animated, carrying on the aesthetic and sensibility of the original movie but infusing it with the color palette and grand expanses of the Western genre. Set pieces blend seamlessly with detailed, lush animation and engaging character designs to provide a stunning backdrop for Fievel's journey.

The movie's narrative blends elements of comedy, adventure, and musical, making this trip to the wild west enchanting and enjoyable. What adds a unique touch is its mode of story-telling, told from the perspective of its diminutive characters, displaying a world that is enormous and often daunting, yet rich with the promise of adventure.

One of the hallmarks of this movie is its fabulous music. The Grammy-nominated song "Dreams to Dream", sung by Linda Ronstadt, cascades through the film, often emphasizing the ambitions and dreams of tiny Fievel and his family. Accompanied by other memorable and charming songs, the music underscores the narrative, enhancing the viewing experience and boosting the movie’s emotional gravity.

"An American Tail: Fievel Goes West" is not just a journey into the wild west but a heartfelt exploration of dreams, resilience, and family. It’s an enchanting sequel that builds onto the legacy of the first film, making it compelling and engaging for both children and adults alike. Through its captivating tale, it highlights the themes of retaining optimism amidst hardships, and of never letting go of one's dreams, making this animated feature a timeless classic for all ages.

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West is a Animation, Kids & Family, Western, Adventure, Comedy movie released in 1991. It has a runtime of 74 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.5..

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Phil Nibbelink, Simon Wells
Phillip Glasser, James Stewart, Erica Yohn, Cathy Cavadini, Nehemiah Persoff, Dom DeLuise, Amy Irving, John Cleese, Jon Lovitz
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